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Veronica K. McDougal Attorney At Law

Family Law Attorney

Comprehensive Services For All Of Your Family Law Needs

A Helping Hand Through Divorce

As a leading divorce attorney in Murray, UT, Veronica McDougal is committed to guiding clients through the complexities of the divorce process. She understands that every divorce case is unique and requires a tailored approach. Veronica assists with issues such as:

  • Equitable distribution of assets and liabilities
  • Division of retirement accounts and pensions
  • Business valuations and division
  • Tax implications of divorce
  • And more…

By working closely with clients, she ensures that their rights are protected and that they receive a fair settlement.

Advocacy In Child Support Cases

Navigating the child support process can be challenging. As an experienced child support lawyer, Veronica McDougal helps clients understand their rights and responsibilities while ensuring that the best interests of the child are always prioritized. She can assist with:

  • Establishing child support orders
  • Modifying existing child support orders
  • Enforcing child support orders
  • Resolving child support arrears disputes
  • And more…

Veronica’s commitment to her clients’ needs and her extensive knowledge of child support laws make her a trusted advocate in Murray, UT.

Representation In Domestic Violence Matters

Experiencing domestic violence can be incredibly traumatizing, and obtaining the proper legal protection is crucial. Veronica McDougal, a dedicated domestic violence attorney, is committed to helping victims secure the protection they need through:

  • Filing for protective orders
  • Advocating for victims in court
  • Providing resources for counseling and support services
  • Ensuring the safety of clients and their families
  • And more…

Veronica’s compassionate approach and strong legal expertise provide clients with the support and guidance they need during these challenging times.

Standing Up For Paternity & Fathers’ Rights

Establishing paternity is an essential step for fathers to secure their rights and responsibilities towards their children. Veronica McDougal is committed to assisting fathers in Murray, UT with issues such as:

  • Establishing paternity through DNA testing
  • Securing fathers’ rights in custody and visitation agreements
  • Ensuring fair child support arrangements
  • Addressing false paternity claims
  • And more…

Veronica’s dedication to fathers’ rights ensures that her clients receive the representation they deserve.

Choose Veronica McDougal As Your Trusted Family Law Attorney

With years of experience as a family law attorney in Murray, UT, Veronica McDougal is dedicated to providing personalized and effective representation for clients facing a wide range of legal issues.

Whether you need a divorce attorney, child support lawyer, or domestic violence attorney, you can trust Veronica to put your needs first and deliver the results you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact her office today for a consultation and discover the difference that her expertise and commitment can make in your case.

Veronica K. McDougal

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