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Dealing With False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a criminal offense that involves violence, physical harm, or a threat of violence or physical harm that is committed by one domestic partner against the other. Because of the attention that domestic violence has received in the media and related high-profile cases, law enforcement may tend to lean towards believing the alleged victim’s version of the events.

Sometimes, fabricated allegations of domestic violence are made that are not substantiated by the physical evidence that could lead to a false arrest for domestic violence. If the officer has reason to believe that domestic violence occurred and the victim is in danger, they can arrest the alleged abuser without a warrant or issuing a citation.

Immediate Consequences of Being Arrested for Domestic Violence

There are immediate ramifications associated with a domestic violence charge. If you are arrested for domestic violence, you are not allowed to contact the victim before your release from jail. As a condition of your release, the court forbids any contact or harassment by you towards the victim, and you are forbidden from going to the victim’s residence.

The victim may request a protective a protective order against you that, when granted by the court, forbids you from having any contact with them. You may not communicate in any way with your partner and must stay away from them, their home, place of employment, school, and place of worship. If you violate the protective order, you could be arrested and charged with a crime.

In addition, pretrial orders may be put in place if your are charged with domestic violence that remain in effect until the trial. These are similar to a protective order in that they forbid any contact or communication with the victim. You may not commit or threaten to commit an active violence or visit the victim’s home, work, or other places. The pretrial orders may grant other forms of relief for the safety of the victim.

Besides the stigma associated with a domestic violence charge, the consequences of the protective and pretrial orders mean that you:

  • Must vacate the family home immediately.
  • Are restricted in parenting time with your children.
  • May be ordered to participate in anger management classes.

The Benefits of Having a Local Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you find yourself being falsely accused of a domestic violence offense, it is critical that you find an experienced domestic violence defense attorney in Murray, Utah who can make sure your rights are protected. There are many issues to be addressed in a domestic violence charge and time is of the essence.

Your lawyer will help you identify witnesses who can testify on your behalf and investigate the possibility of filing a reciprocal order. They know the legal standard for the entry of a restraining order and will make sure that any restraining orders against you comply with that standard. After examining the facts, the attorney can prepare challenges to any factual inconsistencies.

A domestic violence lawyer in Murray, Utah has experience with the local domestic violence system and understand how it works. The lawyer knows the strategies and policies the district attorney’s office and prosecutors use to resolve these cases and will prepare an appropriate defense.

We go through many difficult situations in life. Dealing with allegations of domestic violence is never easy. However, you don’t need to go through them alone. This is especially true when you’ve been charged with a crime involving domestic violence. When this happens, you will need a domestic violence attorney. Your attorney can help you prepare the best defense possible. And, they can help you work towards a fair resolution. And in some cases, you may consider looking into child endangerment lawyers. They are your best bet for protecting your family when you are accused of this kind of wrongdoing. Additionally, harassment lawyers could solve your situation if your circumstances call for it. Thankfully, Veronica McDougal can do all of those, and is also a qualified restraining order attorney near West Valley City, UT. She is ready to help you with any of your legal needs. Veronica K. McDougal Attorney At Law is located in Murray, UT and serves the nearby locations, which include:

  • Sandy, UT
  • West Valley City, UT
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Bountiful, UT
  • Farmington, UT
  • Centerville, UT
  • Park City, UT
  • Tooele, UT
  • Provo, UT
  • Orem, UT

You need a domestic violence attorney who understands your situation. This is exactly what you’ll receive from Veronica K. McDougal Attorney At Law Veronica McDougal is a skilled domestic violence attorney who is ready to get to work for you. She is also one of the best harassment lawyers in the West Valley City, UT area. Because of this, you can rely on her for all of your legal needs. She will launch a strong defense on your behalf. Clients can call the office today at (801) 717-9914. Attorney McDougal will provide a consultation for you.

Child Endangerment Lawyers

It is difficult to be charged with child endangerment. When this happens, you absolutely need child endangerment lawyers. They can help you build a strong defense by getting all the facts of the case. Additionally, they can help you avoid harsh penalties. You also need to hire child endangerment lawyers that you can trust. This way, not only can they help you build a thorough defense, but you will be confident going to court with them at your side. Veronica K. McDougal Attorney At Law is ready to help your case. She is an experienced domestic violence attorney with a range of expertise. She can help with your endangerment case. Additionally, she will go to bat for you when you need harassment lawyers. Clients can call the office today. Get started on your expert defense

Harassment Lawyers

Don’t panic when you need a domestic violence attorney. There are many qualified harassment lawyers, but you need someone with expertise. This is where attorney Veronica McDougal comes in. She is dedicated to providing each of her clients with a personalized defense. This is because she takes the time to consult with you. During this period, she gets a full understanding of your circumstances. This way, she can provide a thorough defense. Clients rely on her to defend their rights in criminal and civil court. They trust her due to her commitment to honesty. With Attorney McDougal at the helm, you will always understand your situation. Plus, she will set realistic expectations for you. Clients should call the office today to get started on their consultation.

Restraining Order Attorney

It can be hard to find the best restraining order attorney in your area. However, your search may now be over. If you’re located near West Valley City, UT, then attorney Veronica McDougal is ready to take on your case. She is a qualified restraining order attorney who values each of her clients’ rights. You can rely on her to provide you with a solid defense. Plus, she’s dedicated to client service. Because of this, you will always be in the loop regarding your case. So, you should get in touch today. Clients can call her office and schedule a time for attorney McDougal to provide a consultation.

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